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    Honeywell Burner Control on boiler

    I've been working on a natural gas boiler with a ST7800 A1039 0046 (Device RM7895A) Honeywell Burner Controller. Every few days the controller will trip out with an Internal Fault code of 35. Everything seems to be running/checking out fine, I just need some suggestions. We have replaced the burner nozzle and Honeywell burner controller.

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    You replaced the burner controller and it still trips on on internal fault or you haven't given it enough time to see if it does it again. I just wonder because I have three units that occasionally trip on this and I thought that they needed replaced. Just curious.

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    I have seen this happen due to the Control not being grounded and "IF" the air pressure switch input "flickers".

    Adjust switch and call it done

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