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Thread: O/T -- Sort of

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    O/T -- Sort of

    I have a bed room that my new HP is struggling to heat. I know the system is sized properly, the problem I have w/ this one room is due to drafting. I know I need to fix the drafting problem. It is BAD!!! The room has two "cubby holes" that run parallel to the room. Thinks of these cubby holes as attics or a ceiling crawl spaces. We use them for storage. The 'cubby holes' can be entered from the room via doors that run 1/4 of the way up the wall of the bed room. The drafts that come in (under, above, and on the side) of these doors is unreal. I have tried a couple of different types of weather stripping, but none have proven effective.

    Ideas on how to stop these horrible drafts?

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    a good carpenter and new doors and insulation.
    You can't fix stupid

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmajerus View Post
    a good carpenter and new doors and insulation.
    What he said.
    Knee walls can suck out a lot of heat, or cooling if the doors aren't addressed properly.
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