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    Confused Bryan Evolution Control Question

    Just had the 286a evolution HP installed. I have the control set on 70 and I find that the unit runs for a long time once it hits 70 and once it does turn off, it will come on again even before the temp falls below 70 degrees. I do not have it programmed so the hold feature is not relevant. The first stage of the heat pump did not seem to heat at all so I have locked it out at 55 degrees and below. How do I get the control to drop the normal 1 or 2 degree before it comes on again so the unit does not run as much? This was the first system my installer has put in and has not had the training on it yet.

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    It sounds like you need to move your post to the Residential Forum, you'll get more input over there, this forum is strictly for Controls. Good Luck

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