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    Zoning question

    When I installed a new heat pump 3 years ago had the tech install a Honeywell minizone to help split the upstairs from the down. Problem is every winter this unit is killing me on the amount of electricty it uses. Each year I have complained to the tech that something is wrong. Seems like the aux heat kicks on right after the heat pump calls for heat. Each time he comes out he rewires the board and or the t-stat and leaves. I have to wait till each time it calls for heat to see if what he has done corrects the problem. Only thing I have to go by is watching the electric meter and how fast it turns. The first year he was called out at least 3 times and when he finally said that he had it the temperature outside broke and began getting warmer. When the second winter came along same problem. This time he worked on it several times until finally he disconnected the aux heat so it would not come on by the t-stat. Spring came and didnt need heat. This year when the temperature outside drops below 30 the unit runs constantly and can not catch up. Went to bed the other night with t-stat set at 70, woke up to 59 degree house after running for 7 hours. Help, the tech is a good friend but $600 winter electric bills(MONTHLY) is killing me

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    You'd be doing him a favor by calling someone else to fix it, and never mentioning it to him again unless he brings up the subject.

    Not everyone can fix everything.

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    Between around 30 F to 37 F many heat pumps reach what is called the balance point. Around this temperature the heat pump needs to run constantly to produce enough heat to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. That is the reason they have supplementary electric resistance heat. You need to put the aux heat back in since you said it does get below freezing where you live. You may want to look at the insulation in your house also. Every penny you spend on insulation you will get back in savings. It also makes the house more comfortable.

    I agree with Bob, call a different company to make sure things are ok. It could be any number of things.

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    Well I am at the point now where I think I need to call someone else. The only reason I have been calling him was because I had paid him very well to install all of this. He said that he is coming out again but this time he says that he might just remove the zone board and just run like it was before. My problem is that I spent right much money to buy this zone board, additional t-stat. Wouldnt that be money just thrown out the window. I have read where other people have these zone systems and seem to work fine. Since switching from an old 10seer (15year old) system (single zone) to a new 12seer more efficient RUUD with a split zone for upstairs and down I have spent over the last 3 years $1200-$1600 more in electric with the new set up than the old just for winter months. I figured up yesterday that I spent $3600.00 last year in electric. Is there a way that he is hooking this thing up wrong and maybe can be fixed?

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    Is there a way that he is hooking this thing up wrong and maybe can be fixed?
    Sure there is. I live in a 2500 sq. ft. house and use a 3.5 ton unit and I have never seen even a $350 a month bill. I do have tons of insulation and keep it set on 67 but what you are spending is crazy.

    Like I said, there could be any number of things that is wrong running up your bill. You have gave these people a chance and now it is time to move on. Call another qualified local company and explain your situation.

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    Sounds like there could be multple problems.
    Is there a bypass.
    Can the zone panel control the strip heaters.
    Is the HP locking out on HP, and just the strips heating(before he disconnected them.

    Sorry, but I don't think your "friend" knows what he is doing.

    Really, call a company out, and have them fix or reinstall the zoning system right.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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