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    hot water baseboard gone bad--repairable

    thanks for the idea comfortdoc

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    dragnet style. existing hot water baseboard heat in 1 story 1250 sq feet house on a brick pad with unheated "stand up" attic. wood parquet floors in all but the kitchen.

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    hvac guy we always dealt with sold company and has passed away, but we still deal with company that he used to own. NO diy EVER!! or in future. but i'm leery of people running the company.

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    heating currently poor, told that it's because supply pipes in pad are going bad and that the boiler is also going bad (only 8 years old) because ??? the supply lines are sending water back to the boiler??? (not sure about the last part). they suggest either electric baseboard or a gas furnace with ducting in the attic and ceiling diffusers. the gas furnace i don't like because of the ceiling diffusers and no return ducts, not to mention appearance in 8 foot ceilings. why can't i spend the mid-high 4 figures i'd spens on a furnace and ducting and fix the hot water baseboards that i have and like?

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    can't i get a new boiler or fix the old one and run supply (pex maybe) up in the attic and down in a stud bay in each room? i have talked to one other hvac company, and they're down on fixing it too. i'm no engineer or hvac man, but i can't see why i can't keep baseboard hot water. do i need to just call 5 or 10 more people until i fing someone who can do what i think can be done?

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    climate is western pa--near youngstown ohio--plenty of cold days

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    i think that's everything---any ideas, suggestions, etc????

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    Yes. Ask family, friends, co-workers, neighbors etc for references. Repiping might take some creativity but can be done. You need a good hydronics contractor to evaluate your system thoroughly.

    Where are you located? Someone on this board may be able to help.
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    all the way across the state from you---on the ohio line between pittsburgh and erie..12 miles from youngstown ohio

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    the references thing probably won't do much, as the company i've been with is solida t what they do---40 plus years but two differnt owners. i think the hot water is the problem. i have as i mentioned had another place look at it, but they think i'm nuts. i can't imagine that i'd spend any more to fix what i have AND like than to put in a gas furnace with diffusers in the ceiling (that i don't want) and probably can't produce the comfort i get from my hot water baseboards when they're working right. is this a "speciality" i'm looking for? what's it called--a name i can look for in a phone book?

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    Not really a specialty. You just need to find a company that is well experienced with hydronic heat systems. Don't give anyone the impression that you would consider installing a forced air system.

    From what you have posted no one has spent the time to troubleshoot your system properly and definitively identify the problem. That must be done before you can move forward.
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    Over the years. Seen a lot of hydronic piping rot out in slabs.
    Usually run new piping up through the attic, and back down to the baseboard.
    Attic piping must be insulated. And system should have glycol in it to protect from freexing the pipes.

    Call more contractors.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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