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    Heat Pump

    Is there a difference between a water to air heat pump and a water to water heat pump. Customer has a water to air and wants to know if it could be converted to an water to water heat pump?

    Thanks guys

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    Yeah, there is a difference. I am assuming you have either a water to air heatpump running on a closed loop or one running on a well doing the heating and cooling with forced air. A water to water would mean that you had water on both sides of the system such as using it to heat/cool water feeding a fan coil or tubes within a floor. There are alot of these type systems around my area, but most all of them were designed that way from the start. It would be quite a job in most cases to change a water to air to a water to water, but we really need more details about the system that is there now.

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    Air to air,will require more backup/aux. heat then a water source,and possibly a larger electrical service or wire size.

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    water to water

    Thanks for the replies, I am the general contractor not HVAC, but have had trouble getting local information for the customer.
    To clarify the system is water to air at present 2.5 ton unit to heat 1,000 sq feet.
    She wants to change for dust, allergy reasons, and have water pipes installed under her flooring and hopefully adapt the present water to air (vertical) unit to a water to water unit.
    I looked at it and it seems like its possible.
    Local HVAC guys just want to sell her a new water to water unit 3 ton for $8,000 cdn , seems high and I am just trying to get a feeling from you pros to see if she is being given the run around buy the local HVAC people and needs a 2nd opinion.


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    No posting of prices allowed.

    They may be reluctant because she will ecpect a warranty on something that no longer has any warranty on it. Due to altering its operation outside of design specs.

    She really will be better off in the short and long run, if she gets a water to water.

    PS: Converting this one wouldn't be cheap either.
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