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    Replacing an OWS computer for an NCM

    What is the correct procedure to follow when replacing the OWS computer on a network that has 1 NCM, direct connect? Can I install the PMI software, ddl the net file and models file, log onto the NCM, then upload the global data ad nc data? Or do I have to recompile all the files so they match what is in the NCM?

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    It's been a while for me (so sorry if I miss any steps)...

    There's an easy way to put the new OWS online:
    1) Install PMI
    2) Copy the entire project directory from the old workstation onto the new. The project directory might be in \FMS\DATA or some branches put it in a directory something like \PROJECT\yourprojectname
    3) Run the Windows Prep-For utility (Start-->Programs-->Metasys-->Win Prep-For)
    4) Connect it to the NCM and you should be in business

    The method you describe would also work... assuming you have all the current, up-to-date, DDL files. The steps would be something like:
    1) Install PMI (if memory serves me, the default data path will be \FMS\DATA)
    2) DDL the NET.DDL file
    3) You should be able to login with the generic "metasys" login after just DDLing the NET file
    4) the global data will synchronize eventually, (and subsequent "metasys" logins won't work)
    5) You'll also need to DDL the MODEL file in order for NC downloads to work from the OWS. You can do that right after the NET.DDL file if you'd like. This step isn't strictly necessary just to get online--but if you don't do it, NCM downloads will fail later.

    You do NOT want to recompile the NC file. This will zero out any JCBasic or GPL processes in the NCM archive database. Get connected and then Upload the NCM so that your new workstation will be ready to reload the NC if it ever fails in the future.

    Again, refer back to my first line... It's been a while, and I might have missed some steps

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