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Thread: Johnson NAE

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    Johnson NAE

    Is there a way to map all points from a controller to the NAE all at once instead of mapping them one by one? I'm using an NAE model MS-NAE5521-0 with VMA controllers

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    Add the long form printer file as a resource file to the device.
    When you add points use the resource file and select the points you want to map.

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    Using the .prn is the way to go.And Do Not map all the VMAs points back in. That is a sure way to slow a NAE to a halt if you have alot of of them.

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    At the risk of throwing a "me too" post out there...

    Do NOT map in all VMA points. The recommendation from JCI is to not map more than 23 points from a VMA.

    There's been "issues" with ridiculous N2 trunk traffic from VMA's--this seems to be mostly fixed in a patch 2.2.23 (or any version 3.0+), but the 23 point limit is still suggested.

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