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Thread: Fluoride

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    Interesting thread. I have to admit, I never gave much thought about the fluoride they add to water. Always new it was in there, (water), but not in the food. As always, the government knows best....
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    the only problem is that taken internally fluoride does nothing to promote healthy teeth, it's a topical type treatment. Fluoride is actually a byproduct of aluminum, and is very harmful to brain development. Hitler used in on the folks in the deathcamps and you know he didn't care about their heath one bit.

    Just another thing the government has done and is doing to us, but why, thats the question.
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    That is some scary sh!t.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Culpepper View Post
    That is some scary sh!t.

    want scary s**t? here ya go. Lots of interesting reading to be found at:

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