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    If you cant find the correct width , Id do the walls ! No way would I want to spend all that time trimming ! Also they made a better ( less itchy ) stuf now , cost more too .
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    Hire it out, and have it blown or foamed. It costs more, but will give you a vastly superior product. Sounds like you have 19.5 on center framing. Kinda unusual, but not unheard of. I don't think anyone makes batts for that.

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    We all know the normal "on center" measures are; 12", 16", 24"
    But there is what is called the "Engineers" measure which is 19- 3/16 " on centers. It is normally is only used on walls of great length as it saves on stud material. (can save one stud in every 8' compared to a 16"oc wall)

    19-3/16" x 5 = 95-15/16" (as close to 8 ' as you can get.)
    Just take a look at some of your measuring tapes and you may find "marks" at every 19-3/16" intervals, that's the Engineers measure These 19-3/16marks however are not on ALL tapes, but they do exist on a great many.

    Imo, WHY it was ever used in building of homes etc is beyond belief, as in this case of insulation problems.

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