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    Goodman "dependable 92" flame rectifier and error light question

    Allright, I own several small scale rental properties. I don't claim to be an HVAC professional as I don't make my money through it, but I have a pretty darn good handle on what is going on. (mobile A/C certified)

    Today I have come up with a bit of an issue involving one of the unit's furnace.

    Back story:
    I have a app. 15 year old goodman "dependable 92" that is firing, running about 5 seconds, and then shutting itself off. It has a light on the control board to flash out error codes, so I let it cycle as I watched the light.

    It didn't flash out any error codes, but kept repeating the cycle. It would attempt to start about 4 times and then would just shut itself down.

    So i decided to ignore the control board and just think for myself. It was acting like a bad thermocouple/flame rectifier so I pulled the rectifier and cleaned it as well as it's contact.

    Reinstalled it and now it's working better, but still not right.

    So here's my question:

    On the panel it says a bum flame sensor should give off a 1 flash code. the light stays on solid. what should it take for the unit to recognize it's flame sensor is bad? Because by all accounts, it should have recognized a rectifier that wouldn't let it fire more than 5 seconds at a time.

    Is there anything that would act exactly like a bad flame sensor, but not be the flame sensor itself?

    Just making sure there are no other checks to do before putting parts in. (especially since none of this happened until after all the parts houses closed- of course)

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    I thank you for the tip, i'll go check it out.

    And while i am asking for advice, i do see a very large difference between asking for step by steps and a quick pointer. If what i asked is deemable as "DIY" let me know and I'll adapt. It's all a learning curve, right?


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    Good to see another responsible ho willing to take the liability of his own actions. Especially in the area of property & personal/family safety.

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    Not much difference in a pointer or full blown assistance. They are the same to me. This is not a DIY help site. Guys, and you know who you are, please stop with the DIY help. Chaard you now have a warning in your profile as well as two post deletions from this thread.

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