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    New Unit Advice In Phoenix

    Former A/C service guy who hung up tool pouch in 1989 has questions on newer multiple capacity units. I need to replace my split heat pump (condenser on ground outside with air handler in garage). 2 story house with only a single downstairs return. Pro's & Cons of dual compressor units vs a single variable speed compressor i.e. Trane vs Rheem. I am concerned about both concepts that seem to rely on outside air temp which solely determines running capacity.

    If I had a manual over-ride that I could use with lower outside temp but very high indoor load (indoor cooking with party and packed house etc.) I would feel better about the concept. I am concerned with auto control only over capacity. Also with the master bedroom upstairs also a vaulted ceiling it seems the air handler has to run very fast to push up enough air volume. That room would seem to suffer most when the unit would be running in the lower capacity mode making the up-down temp difference even worse. I know running the indoor fan continuously would help with that but it is so noisy now in the family room where the single return is we have to turn the TV up 4-5 steps to compensate. It gets to be really annoying.

    Of course with the thermostat downstairs near the single return it wouldn't seem to bother that area as much as upstairs which is always a problem even with a single speed unit.

    Getting replacement quotes now so any personal insights on best unit & other concerns to consider appreciated. I know a return upstairs would be best but existing construction really won't allow it. I may forgo the variable capacity route anyway as it only seems to add about .5 seer.
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    Have you looked into zoning options. It may be hard if your saying that you can't get a return from upstairs. Do you have an attic space? Mulitple units? There are many different approaches that you will have to speak with your contractor about, since we are not there to see the job.

    The Trane XL19i must be what your talking about. Good system. Very Large. But all around, we haven't had many problems with them. A Few bad compressors but with 10 yr warranty, no big deal. If the 19 doesn't interest you but you want a Trane, look into the Trane XL16i. It has a 2 speed compressor vs. 2 compressors.

    I'd say take a long time with your contractor. Make sure that they give you every available option. Load Calc, Duct Design, you know. Make sure they are doing everything correctly. And ask em a lot of questions.

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    Thanks but retro-ing in a second unit for upstairs would be cost prohibitive. The house was built in 1986, we have been here 4 yrs and maybe only another 4-5 more.

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    I am in phoenix do you want us to help you ?

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    If you don't mind posting your company name & telephone # I could call if you want to come to Tempe to give a quote. Thx

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    blues535i my email is in my profile..
    name is Dave , email me and I will get in touch with you.

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