The farmer's son was about to be shipped off to college. He was the first in the family to do so. Naturally, he was nervous about going by himself, so his father said, "Nonsense, take Old Blue with ya!".

Now Old Blue was the family dog and to take him with him to college seemed to satisfy the boy.

After a couple of months the college life struck well with the son. In fact so much so he had gotten a girlfriend and had unfortunately gotten her in the family way. Not wanting to upset his father he decided to get the girl friend to take birthing classes and give the baby up for adaption. This costs money however, so he had to come up with a way to get the money from his daddy.

He finally came up with a plan and wrote to his father that college was great and that they happened to have a class that could teach Old Blue to read and it would cost a few thousand dollars, could he wire the money?

His father quickly wired the money, and the sons problems were solved...Until a month later with another girl it happened again.

So he wrote his father and explained to him that now the college had a class that could teach Old Blue to write. The father immediately wired him the money.

Unfortunately the son had not learned his lesson and yet another girlfriend it happened again.

So, again he wrote his father this time and said that the colleg had a class that could teach Old Blue to speak English and discuss philosophy. Of course the father wired the money right away.

Winter break came up and the son, horrified because he would be returning home without Old Blue knowing anything. So decided to shoot Old Blue and try to come up with something to tell his Dad.

Driving home from the college he finally came up with a plan...and here is what transpired when he arrived home.....

"Hi Dad"

"Hi son, where's Old Blue? I just so excited about seeing him. I'd like to learn some about that there feller Playdo and Arustoodle!"

"Well, Dad...It's like this....As we were driving home, we were discussing the upcoming elections and the Colts; when we passed the widder Johnson's house and Old Blue asked me if Mom knew what you did there on the weekend when you were supposed to be gettin' supplies."

"You shot that dog didn't you?!?!?"