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    Grand Aire vs. Dave Lennox Signature Collection

    We have a 2100 sqft house, and are looking to replace our currect HVAC system with a zoned system. Is Dave Lennox Signature Collection ac/furnace superior to Grand Aire? For such a simple small system should it make a difference?

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    I'd think there's a difference in the equipment and controls,as far as features and benefits,and the price.

    Look over the diffeences,I been told the Lennox Harmony is a very good zoning system,is that what they are planning on/

    What zoning system would be used with the Grandaire??

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    Grandaire is a bottom of the line product, comparable to Lennox's Merit series. In fact I'd probably take the Grandaire. Dave's Signature is top of the line stuff.

    If you are in a heating priority area, I'd want a 2 stage furnace and a zone panel that can handle staging. That way when 1 zone is calling, you get low fire. I'd use Jackson's Z600 panel. In a heavy cooling area, might consider a 2 stage A/C for the same reason.

    When you get into zoning, you get out of simple. Gotta be done right and moset aren't, especially if the house wasn't PROPERLY designed for zoning.

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