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    Rheem or Tempstar

    I have a 1270 Sq Ft 1.5 story home in Mankato,MN. I have installed all new windows, siding, insulation, and roof in the last few years, now I am ready to replace the HVAC system. My current system is a Lennox, installed in 1989. I had a Bryant dealer here, but he didn't want to listen to what my needs were, he just wanted to sell me the most expensive system he had. So I called 2 other dealers, a Rheem dealer, and a Tempstar dealer. The Rheem dealer gave me a quote on a Rheem RGFD series furnace, I believe 90% efficiency, along with a Rheem RAPL-JEZ 14 seer central A/C unit. The Tempstar dealer gave me a quote for a tempstar DLX90 furnace, and a PAX13 A/C unit. They both did load calculations on the house, and are within a few hundred dollars of each other in price. Is there any reason to choose a Rheem system over a Tempstar, and vice versa? Also, does anyone live in southern Minnesota that has a heat pump? I'm wondering if a heat pump would make sense here, how long it would take to make back the extra cost in energy savings. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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    I am not personally all that familiar with rheem but I am some what with Tempstar which is a ICP product which now Carrier I believe has ownership of all ICP products if I am correct if not some one on here will correct me I am sure. The furnace as well to any furnace first thing is how well it is installed. I don't bash one from another but everyone on this site has their favorite I would pick Tempstar myself cos mainly I am an Arcoaire dealer and they are made by ICP also and I haven't had any problems at all. Tempstar older models had some flaws but mainly has been takin care of. From what I know about Rheem they are also good products. Heat pump? They are here in MN.If you would go with a Heat pump I would recommend fossil fuel for your back up heat which is a gas furnace.

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    The RGFD is the best furnace on the market. With the matching thermostat, it will give you a comfort the rest can't touch due to the variable input (modulating) gas valve and control based on house needs. The RAPL-JEZ is a great A/C as well. Quiet, all the compressor protections and diagnostics control.

    The DLX90 is a basic, single stage, standard blower 90. Should be way less in bucks than the RGFD. More comparable to a RGRA or 90RJ Rheem. Not sure what a PAX13 is. The Smart Comfort are nice units comparable to the RAPL. The Performance series are the low end. Rheem's 13AJA is their low end and much better built.

    Key is proper sizing and a good install. Too many dealers oversize, especially in small homes!

    And yes, a heat pump in your area can save. Good electric rates, long winters. They usually are off below 30 but there still is plenty of time you'll be 30 and above every year. I'm from your area, lived on 3 sides of you!

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    I'm in Wisconsin, about 4 hours west of Mankato. Heat pumps are becoming more common around here. It may take a little longer to make back the cost of installing one than it would if you lived down south, but you can use a heat pump as your main heat source in spring and fall around here. That's still a pretty good amount of time you don't have to burn fossil fuels. As for brand, i'm not familiar with Tempstar, but they're owned by ICP, which also owns Heil. Not sure if they share the same design as Heil, but i'm not a fan of Heil products, especially their central a/c units. If you're in Mankato, i'd get a few more quotes, there has to be plenty of hvac dealers around there. Just make sure the install is done correctly, that's the most important thing. Good luck

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