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    allowable temperature variations

    Anyone know what is tolerable/allowable temperature variations between rooms (variance from thermastat) (industry standard? Can't seem to find any data on this.
    Much obliged

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    Per ACCA Manual B, 2°F is ideal. 4°F is maximum acceptable.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    manual b?

    am searching for manual b on the internet and not much luck ...
    know where i might find it?
    many thanks,

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrbenny View Post
    Per ACCA Manual B, 2°F is ideal. 4°F is maximum acceptable.
    Does the ACCA standard make allowances for the building shell? Even a pretty mediocre HVAC system can keep a home even if the home is built like a thermos. Conversely, the best HVAC will have a hard time keeping things even in really old homes that are built like outhouses.

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