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    "Goals" keep the idle mind from wandering. Make them and keep them and your job will be satisfying. You have my support and thoughts. Keep your chin up. Those with low self esteem get run over and that doesn't help anything.
    Nemo me impune lacessit.

    How much blood do I have to bathe in to get clean?

    Don't look down on anyone unless you're helping them up.

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    thanks yall
    Right on....

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    hey tech. check out the R.S.E.S,cheap to join,good place to meet and network with folks that can get you where you want to go. might jumpstart your world for you. if you get tired of VA, come on out to MO. plenty of work out this way and the catfishing cant be beat! best of luck to you bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newoldtech View Post
    If you haven't done it yet, get some professional counseling. At least it will show your Dad that you are trying. I've read your posts over time, and to me you seem a bit manic depressive. They have medication for that. Don't give up. Your kids need you. Work it out with your father, you definetly need him. He should give you a break if for nothing else the sake of his grandchildren. If you are humble and try hard you will make it. Good luck and stay strong.
    Techace - I have to agree with NewWorld here. you sound like you are suffering from Depression. There is NO SHAME!!

    I've been there my friend!!! I had a brother, with whom I was extrememly close go to PRISION..... and then my entire family fell apart - all at the same time.

    I suffered from depression at this time and damn nere lost it all - if it weren;t for a fre good friends who called me out.

    I went to get help and though it's been a tough row to hoe, I am back. I want you to dp the same man, if you were to tell a psuchologist (sp) what you told up, he/she would help..... it'd be more than enough info to help you.

    We'll give you our love but we're not doctors - go see one.

    God bless. please listen to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by techace79 View Post
    I can not seem to muster the strength to do any thing on a daily basis.

    Now I am to the point where i do not know what to do. I dont enjoy anything any more, my kids, my girl, nothing makes me smile. I cant even talk to people anymore, every time i go to say something anxiety takes over and i cant speak at all. I have probably said a total of 10 sentences since Christmas. I sleep 12 hours and barely eat. I feel like I am falling off the earth.
    You need to seek professional help.
    I had a friend go thru the same thing after the storm........
    Life is too short, Behappy!

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