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    HVAC controls on Ebay

    I was looking at Ebay tonight and noticed some Tridium, Invensys, Delta, and Siebe controls for sale, cheap. Has anyone ever bought controls from there? I've been thinking of getting rid of some of my clutter around the shop, and I was wondering how well they sell.


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    I have bought a few controllers from ebay. Paid about 75-80% of normal cost and got new or very new parts still in the box. If you’re looking to get rid of it, someone will take it if the price is right.

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    I have bought and sold controllers on ebay and have had good success. You can also find Belimo stuff on there as well.

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    I've bought some stuff on ebay just to play around and integrate to in the shop. I couldn't install something at a customers site in good faith after all it's like buying stuff at a yard sale. As is no warranty. If it lasts the warranty period great, if not your buying one anyway. One of the controllers I purchased was new in the box and DOA. If its an obsolete part I guess you take what you can get.

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    I have seen those too but keep in mind that these guys may be violating their dealer agreement if they're selling out of their area. Sure would hate to get screwed just to make a few bucks. Some of the old stuff I wouldn't think would be a problem, but you never know. Also there may be guys selling stuff out of their truck or customer tear outs. If you're on the selling end, you gotta ask yourself, is it worth it if your not 100% sure that your OK? Don't get me wrong, I'm not being a hardliner, I personally wouldn't do it for fear of getting in a jam. I have had customers offer me tear outs that I know that I could have sold, I just didn't want to take a chance.

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