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    ALC Alarm routing setup

    I have 2 questions about ALC routing. We are setting this up through a WebCtrl and there is a couple LGRs connected to it.

    Under notification class 1 in the recipiant list is the WebCtrl. We are trying to add another Third-party vendor to this list to also recieve alarms. We have it setup with the correct ID, and checkboxes just like the WebCtrl setup. WebCtrl addy being 24999 and mine being 125.

    My questions are;
    1. Do alarms get routed to all items in the recipiant list or only to the first one that is online and receives it. i.e. If Webctrl gets the alarm correctly does it stop there and not go to anymore devices in the list.
    2. To test this we tried 2 things, one was to go to a alarm point and hit the simulate button, which did correctly show a alarm in the WebCtrl, also we tried setting the alarm state to the opposite, i.e. if alarm was set to notify on a true, we would change to false to force a alarm since nothing was in alarm at the time. By doing either of these does this truely send out a alarm to everything in the recipient list or does it sort of "fake" a alarm that never goes anywhere but just to the WebCtrl

    My goal with this is just revieve alarms to another vendor along with the WebCtrl. We are not successful at this time to get it to send out to us, but is working properly to the WebCtrl.

    Any thoughts or let me know if you need more specific info.

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    Do you have "Advanced Alarming"? This feature allows you to send the same alarms to another computer on the same network. In other words, every alarm that you get will be sent as a popup to another machine, is this what you are looking for? There is a setup video on the dealer website that tells you how to do this.

    How about the other options even without advanced alarming like sending an Email or sending a text message to a cell phone or alpha pager? These are both easy to do and work very well.

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