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    Unhappy Carrier Infinity Therostat with Zones???

    Is it possible to install this sytem in a house that has underground heat ducts?

    I am trying to improve the heat differential from the main part of the house (where thermostat is) and master bedroom, the room farthest away from the heater (which is located in the garage). The differential is normally 3-6 degrees. The duct work appears OK. The air flow is less than the rooms closer to the heater and the air temperature is not as hot as the other rooms.


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    less air flow to the farthest room(s),usually due to undersized ducts.this can often be solved ,be reducing the static(resistance to air flow) in other more accessable parts of the duct system,allowing the "savings" there of static to be available to move air to the farthest rooms.

    Temperature drop ,is due to losss in the length of the runs,more insulation helps ,If you could get to the ducts.

    Be sure there is a return duct in that room,or a return path,no return or path,less air to that room.

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