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    Quote Originally Posted by jingoism View Post

    Trust me when I say that it is not the maintenance guys decision whether or not to do the work, and if it was you would not be on this board running your mouth.

    I hate it when they call in contractors, and I hate it even more when the contractor acts like we are retards and he is our messiah... grr.

    I'm just talking from experience around here. If it's anything too complicated...they don't wanna touch it.

    This is coming straight from your fingers in one of your previous posts..

    Having seen both sides of the fence I can assure you that most maintenance individuals do not have the service techs ability to properly fix or diagnose systems
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    Chicago is an indian word for stinky!!!!!!

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    Wink From install to service

    I have worked in the industry since 1997. I have worked as a control tech at Siemens and a smaller company Advanced Automated Systems. Performing installations of automation systems for hospitals, hotels and office buildings. I got tired of driving hundreds of miles to job sites. I took a position at a hospital that was just finishing a new tower. I have finally been able to complete a project. By that I mean as a control tech I always had graphics or other things promised by salesmen that were not complete due to time issues. "Get it running , then get out". As an employee of the hospital I have been able to spend time to make all the control issues right. I have also been able to move the old controls from pneumatic to DDC. I have not had issues with any contractors since they hired me to deal with non performing contractors.
    I like it for now but I know that I will go back to the astro van and chug along. It is a nice break that will have taught me alot.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mustardman View Post
    However the general opinion from alot of people is that all these guys do is make puppies all day.
    Is this the Canadian version of "D*%$ing the dog"?


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    No its just the politically correct way of putting it. I am working on trying not to offend more than 4 people a day other than my wife of course.

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    I worked in hospitals in the Los Angeles area over 20 years. Started out as a Stationary engineer and worked my way to director of engineering (chief engineer) at several hospitals. I operated and repaired and would troubleshoot equipment. We 90% of the time when contractors are called in it administration. I worked on boilers chiller cent and abs. electric and steam all kinds of refrigeration through the facilities including the morgue and yeah I have some stories. lol
    I worked on pumps skinner steam engines and electrical distribution systems and when I got into management I trained my employees to do the same. If one of my people was d1ckin the dog they got warned and if they kept it up they got replaced. hospitals have more regulations and codes to adhere to that most any other industry.

    In most cases Administration made the decision to hire out service on big dollar items like chillers because they can make the company responsible for all repair costs like an insurance policy. It is a financial game they play. Pay a contractor X thousand dollars a year and if the wheel breaks they eat it or do everything in house and if the wheel breaks pony up XXX thousand dollars. They justified the the fixed expense over the variable expense.

    No one knew more about my facilities than me and my employees. Yep, on a day to day basis you don;t have the same pressure when you have to get X calls done in one day. but when the crap hits the fan if you screw the pootch someone could die. LOL end of sermon

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