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    This is probably a stupid question, and not to change the subject, but how did you get a non communicating zoning system to work with Infinity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by addamsmasher View Post
    I'm starting to feel like Carrier should start paying me as much as I'm touting their equipment. Look, hands down the Infinity system is the most user friendly, and cutting edge system in the res. market. Why? First of all if you have IAQ products you should be running your fan continuously or even if you just want to circulate air no other thermostat (carrier wants us to call their control the User Interface) that allows you to control the speed of the fan apart from the logic of the circuit board/ECM module, also you can control your humidifier from the Infinity control no need for a seperate humidistat. Secondly, besides the Honeywell Pro IAQ (which I love too) there isn't any other stat that I know of that allows for cooling humidity control. I don't know how Honeywells works but the Infinity Control can slow the air across the evaporator by about 30% to really attack the latent heat load that exists in most homes during the summer months. NOBODY ELSE IS DOING THIS.

    Exactly ,but some here continue to contend that others do the same.

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    Only the 25hna9 or 24hna1 needs INFINITY control only,and the FE fan coils. You can use the 25hna6 or 24hna7 with fv fan coil or any INFINITY heater. I had the 25hna960 in here and it had a mind of it's own,and the ARZEL system could not control it.
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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