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    Thanks for the info.

    Until the OP can provide more info (efficiencies, location, etc), we're all really just groping in the dark. It's interesting to see how different posters (with different viewpoints) respond to these types of general questions, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by equspainc View Post
    My wood stove is in my bed room so thats not the issue/my house is pretty well insulated and newly remodeld.I do have tall furnaces are less than 10 years old .On a average 20 degree day can a single furnace burn 10 gals of oil a day with the thermostat set @ 67 and not running all the time?
    A. Where does the wood stove gets its combustion air from. Does it have an intake that is ran throught he wall. Or does it use air from the bedroom.
    If air from the bedroom, then it is part of the problem.

    B. What size is your furnace, and how long does it run on a 20 degree day.
    A furnace fired at .75 gal an hour would need a burner run time of over 13 hours.

    C. Your water heater runs to maintain water temp weather you used hot water or not.

    Time your burner run times, if you want to find which one is using the most oil.

    Also, is your tank buryed under ground. Is it possible it leaks.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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