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    Inducer Furnace Blower Full of Water

    hello. i am having constant problems with my 'Windjammer' inducer furnace blower. this part will turn on for few seconds and then turn off. while the blower is running, i hear this water swooshing sounds. i am pretty sure theres LOTS of water inside the housing. in fact, when i pull out some of the plastic tubes out of the blower unit, water starts dripping out.

    i am without heat due to this issue. my furnace gives out the "3-blink" light. is there anything i can do to get the water out of the blower? do i need to call someone to come and fix this? i dont understand how and why water gets in there. i guess its condensation, but in such huge amounts?

    thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hvactech1jm View Post
    i think he is right. is the furnace in the attic or in the basement.
    the furnace is in the basement.

    and the pipe/vent tube that runs outside is vertical. meaning the pipe/vent tube it sticks out from the side of the house, not the roof.

    thank you all for your input.

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    Sounds like it's time to have your furnace serviced by a pro.

    Hvactech1jm and Mrfixit39, this is not a diy help site. Please refrain from giving DIY advice in these forums in the future.

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    Definitely a condensate drain issue. Blocked condensate trap, hole in vent hose, frozen over vent termination etc. could all have an effect but there are also other issues that could be causing this problem.

    Definitely need a professional to service the unit.
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    Hopefully you have called someone to come out and fix your furnace by now.
    Yearly service can help to avoid this type of trouble.
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