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Thread: Mojito Ribs

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    Well, there is always room for new things to try. Got a receipe for Pork Ribs in marinade called Mojita.

    Wife sister has been here for awhile working in Dallas and is coming for dinner tomorrow along with our son. She is leaving Wednesday for Knoxville,Tenn. and back to home regular gig at the hospital there.

    She likes to cook and has surprized me several times with dinners while she was here, so I am surprizing her Sunday.

    Mojita Pork Ribs (Bar-B-Que)
    Stuff Mushrooms (Crabmeat)
    Corn nuggets/ homemade
    Black Beans
    Blackberry Pie

    Tequila/Top shelf Margarita's

    My mouth is watering; I have to stop!
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    Do you mean mojo, or mojito? Mojo is a marinade with whole, ground up citrus with garlic, salt and some chiles. Mojito is a cocktail made with rum, water, sugar, lime juice and fresh mint. Me, I lovem both! Both cuban, both delicious. I would bathe in either!
    Luke 6:31

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