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Thread: What a Shame

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    What a Shame

    I installed this furnace in 95'. Only got to service it once and the renter had been messing with it then. Oil Co. installed new tank and shut it off due to hole in bottom of HE. Owner wants price on repair and replacement. The renter had the oil line in a 55gal. plastic drum in the basement. Buying oil as needed.

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    Penny wise and pound foolish. Don't see nothin' wrong with that POS. Just like most landlords, how cheap can you fix it? Maintenance? Why? 5-gallon buckets of oil, no problem. Keep 'em right next to the furnace so they stay nice and warm for good combustion! Service once every 6-years, of course. You don't want to wear out the pump gasket or anything. And look at all the reusable soot they've saved!!
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    Your the jack leg hack that installed that mess? HAHAHAHA just kidding. We see this kind of stuff all the time; "what do you mean I have to pay for service, you just installed this 6 years ago. Get out of my house you crook".
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    Thats sad !!!!!!!!!!

    Food for thought, use some bricks on the bottom
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