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    Confused Heat pump outdoor unit won't come on....

    Ok here's my problem.

    I've got a heat pump and the outdoor unit won't come one. I can make it come on by taken the panel off the outdoor unit and pushing in the contactor. After pushing and holding the contactor in, the compressor along with the fan will come on with no problem but goes off as soon as I let go. My mother-in-law lives next door with a unit exactly like the one I'm having a problem with. Her's works fine.

    What I've done is taken all my parts out of my indoor unit and outdoor unit to her house and put them in her unit one part at a time trying to figure out which part isn't working. No luck. Every part when taken out of my indoor and outdoor units and put in her's worked.

    I've even switch out my thermostat thinking that was the problem with no success either. The indoor unit blower comes on along with the emergency electrical elements. The problem is that the contactor on the outdoor unit isn't engaging sending 240V to the rest of the outdoor unit. So, I replaced the contactor thinking it was bad. Still nothing.

    Any ideas???



    Keep in mind that I've tried all my parts one at a time in my mother-in-law's unit an each component worked. All that B.S. took probably 5 hours.
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    N.E. Ok.
    Nice job rewiring all the components.

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    I don't know
    If the contactor isn't engaging than you have to trace the low voltage control circuit and check all limits.

    This is not a DIY site - can't give any more info.

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    Whats funny is that would take a professional < 8 minutes to diagnose...5 hours must not be worth very much to you...
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    I just want to say thanks for the laugh. Seriously, I have not laughed this much in quite a while. Swapped out every part, eh?

    Sorry for having so much fun at your expense, but at least you have accomplished something.....making me laugh.

    Oh, call someone who knows what they are doing before you wipe out both of the systems you are putzing around with.
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    LOL Gotta hand it to that boy, being brave enough to disassemble the mother in law's system trying to get his going. That take's b----. As has been mentioned, you need to call a tech. Keep in mind though what would have been a simple fairly quick job for the tech has now been complicated by your diy. If he doesn't trace the entire circutry & verify it is correct before he does anything else, he risk's frying something.

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    5 Hours.
    You screwed around with it for 5 Hours?

    Good grief, call a service ompany.
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    I'm not laughing at you maverick......wait.....yes I am.......It's gonna be a great day!...
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    Call the professionals. That what they do.

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    ok thanks

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    i am so sore from laughing!!!
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    Parts from Mother In Law's
    New Contactor......................................$XX .xx
    Posting to a professional

    Giving everyone something to hang on the wall at their shop in the morning...............PRICELESS!!!!

    There are so many things wrong with that....on so many levels.
    Call a pro man!! Probably take about 5 minutes for him to figure it out.
    I need a new signature.....

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