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    Need Auto.Logic help VAV controllers

    Automated Logic VAV Controllers T5V934067M. Are they obsolete? If so whats the best replacement? Are they position sensitive? Can you replace the static pressure sensor?

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    Q1 -Yes,

    Q2- Another T540v card, you can't put an other module rev. on that subnet

    Q3- No

    Q4 - Yes. ALC can refurbish the module, but you have to get an ALC dealer to send it in. If you can locate the flow sensor they use, I guess you could repair it yourself.

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    Automated Logic T540V+ card... only talks on Automated Logic T network, can only be replaced by a T card. Yes they are long obsolete, in most cases the airflow CANNOT be repaired since the flow sensors is one of the main reasons that it is obsolete. IMO, one of the worst cards that ALC ever made.... you will probably find these showing up on Ebay. Replace the card, go into the parameters of FB15 on the TNI module and put in the number that is on the white sticker on the E Prom in place of the old number. You may also have to zero the airflow sensor also on that same page. If you were in PA, I probably have one on the shelf ..... WAY IN THE BACK!

    If you're running Supervision or InterOp you can use a Z540V+ (also obsolete) and run it straight to your CM net.

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