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    American Standard model number help!

    Hi all, I am in the early stages of purchasing a new construction home in central VA. The home is ~4800sqft, on a basement.

    My question is regarding the "base" HVAC system. I inquired as to the base system for this home so I could do some research prior to going in to finalize options, plans etc., to see if I should upgrade, change anything or whatever. I cannot match up some of these numbers to anything on the American Standard website. (unless I'm looking in the wrong spot)

    These are the model numbers provided to me.
    Downstairs / basement
    2A6B303681000A 3 ton outside air unit
    AUX1B080A9421A 80K btu furnace (propane)
    2TXCB036BC3HCA coil
    2.5 - 3t blower

    2A6B303081000A 2.5ton outside unit
    2GB3F3081000A air handler
    BAYHTR1410 10kw heater

    Any help as to what I'm being offered, and any changes suggested would be greatly appreciated!

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    Use the above site to check EER/SEER and btu performance.

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    The 6B units are low end models and aren't on A-S's site. You can see them on Trane's site, same as the XB13.

    They tend to be low SEER/HSPF and low heating capacity. The "3 ton" will have a heating output around 2.5 ton or 30,000 BTU, the "2.5 ton" more like a 2 ton of other brands.

    What are your local utility rates? In our area, it would be nuts to have propane at all. Electric backup is the way to go. That can vary if you have expensive electric rates.

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    Thanks for the reply guys..
    I was wondering whay I was having trouble finding those models on the website! I'll have to look up what our electric rates are, the wife handles the bills. I believe they are quite reasonable.

    I currently have a Trane 14xli heat pump with aquecoil back up heat, and am quite pleased. With the larger home we are purchasing, it sounds like I should up-grade to dual heat pumps with either the electric back up or propane back up. I will have propane for my cook-top and fireplace, until NG makes it to the new neighborhood. Our back up (aquecoil) almost never kicks in currently.

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    I would go straight high eff heat pumps with electric backup and var speed blowers. I would stay away from propane even for backup unless there is reasonable chance in the very near future that natural gas lines will come to your neighborhood.

    If you plan on using basement as living areas, then I would look at a zoning controls for the basement and 1st floor system.

    Obviously you should request a load calculation in writing with your GC and HVAC dealer.

    American Standard is good equipment-just stay away from the low end for the new home.


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