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    Carrier Performance EDGE programmable Thermostat

    Is there any reason why a Carrier Performance EDGE programmable Thermostat will not work with a Performance series Gas Furnace and AC unit? I recently had the Performance series Gas Furnace and AC unit installed but do not like my non-programmable thermostat and have the opportunity to get a Carrier Performance EDGE programmable Thermostat for a great price.



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    Yes, it will work.

    Yes it will work just fine.

    The 2 wire user interface mounts on the wall and communicates with a interface module that's installed by the Air handler/furnace. The interface module has the same dry contact/binary terminal connections just like any conventional thermostat. You simply wire the module's terminals with those available on your unit; R,C,W,Y,Y/2,W2,DH,G, or any combination of.

    I was amazed that Carrier came up with a user interface that powers and communicates with just (2) wires. These (2) wires [V+ & Vg] do not provide ordinary 24 VAC. They carry a combination of power and communications data that is unique to these products.

    You can customize your own parameters by using a SD flash card (included) via your computer and the expansion slot that is within the thermostat/user interface.

    I'm disappointed that it does not have the same plug and play features as the Infinity Controller. The Infinity controller controls the variable speed ICM motor directly thru communications, as well as static control and true filter status monitoring.

    I was not able to attach the .PDF installs manual due to HVAC-TALK's limits in file size uploads. Go to

    Hope this Helps.
    Thank you for reading, and have a nice day

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    I can't seem to find a link to the install manual on the Carrier site. I'm trying to figure out how to change the outside temp at which it switches the furnace from heat pump to gas. Can't remember if it's "8" or "9" on the install mode?

    Anyone have a link to the install manual or remember what "8" and "9" are for?


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    Frown carrier performance edge thermostat ERROR E1

    I couldn't get mine to function... Getting a E1 error = display and command module cannot communicate via two-wire connection.

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    this post is 2 yrs old

    had to dig for it..........

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