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    Exclamation Can a leaking evaporator coil cause compressor burn out?

    I purchased a new home in Sep. or 2005 with 3 AC units. In September of 07, it was determined that one of the evaporator coils was leaking so itw as replaced under warranty. In January of this year, a second unit had the same problem, and while outside of the mft. labor warranty, I was told that there had been a high occorence rate of this problem so they would cover both parts and labor under warranty. Now, Yesterday, I'm told that the compressor associated with the first unit to have the evaporator coil replaced is apparently burned out. All this after only 2 1/2 years. I called the mfg. and they said they would review this with management. I'm trying to pull some facts together, but from what I've read, it seems like running the unit with low refrigerant and having the compressor short cycle on/off for who knows how long before we realized the problem, this all would contribute to undue wear and tear and contributed to the burn out. Does this sound logical to any of you experts?

    Thanks for any/all help.

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    *most* compressor mfgs. warranty their compressors for 5 years.......

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    1. 410a system?
    2. On your service tickets describe what is written.

    "Burn out" is a term described when the system becomes extremely acidic. This usually occurs when moisture is in the system and higher than normal temps occur in the when low on refrigerant and the compressor overheats (compressor is refrigerant cooled). There is usually safety precautions like low pressure switches to protect against this. If it's a 410a system some other things may have occurred. There are other situations that can cause some serious issues like the system running in a vacuum where it's absorbing moisture/air into the system but still running.

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    I guess I'm not exactley sure it's burn out. They didn't leave me a service ticket. Since the compressor itself is covered under Carrier's warranty, and it's only the labor ($750) that I would have to pay I said I was going to look into it and get back with him. His exact words were "your compresser has gone out, and you'll need a new on." I guess the "burn out" was my uneducated deduction due to my few hours of research. The room covered by this unit was not cooling and the compressor was clicking on and off very frequently, much like it did when we realized we had the evaporator coil leak. Yikes, so many problems, in such a short span of time.

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    Any chance the tech came right out and tested your compressor right away?.........or is there a chance maybe he waited long enough with the system off for let's say the compressor to cool off?

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    I'm not exactley sure. I had the thermostat off. He turned it on, and all the others off went outside for about 10-15 minutes, went in the attic for about 10-15 minutes, and then back outside for another 10-15 minutes. After that, he delievered the bad news. I liked the tech because he gave me some ideas for researching possible recourse i.e. mfg etc.

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    Yes short cycling can kill the compressor over time. Other reason's can also. Is it just clicking or was the compressor starting & stopping? A burnout won't run. 10 minute's shoulden't have caused it to trip the thermal overload either.

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    Thank you all so much for you wisdom! Yes, it was not only clicking, but stopping and starting very frequently. I don't remember now, but maybe about every 30 seconds to one minute. Yesterday when he came out and turned the thermostat back on and set it low, the compressor would not even come on.

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