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    Need Fan Limit Control for Heil unit

    Have older model Heil central heat/air unit. Need to replace the Fan Limit Control: item : 1147225
    local parts stores do not carry. Can anyone suggest online site where this might be purchased? My search capabilities are apparantly lacking
    thank you for any help.

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    I'll tell you this, it's rare for a part (especially like that) to not have a replacement that will work.

    It's much harder to find the replacement when you don't have access to a parts house, and some knowledge.

    Not picking on you, but it should be replaced by a professional... don't forget, there's a chance something cause it to break, it didn't just die...
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    How many times have I heard that one? They are wholesalers, and you are not a recognized hvac company. One word, liability. I have two of those on my van. I wouldn't sell either of them to you, but I'd be happy to come over to your house and replace yours, for a fee.

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    thank you for answering! I neglected to state: Heil is 18yrs old. Do have professional serviceman on retainer. one store told him part on backorder, another did not have.
    As serviceman worked us in his overload schedule, and as the replacement part cannot be quickly attained, I am attempting with his knowledge to secure the part as quickly as possible for him to install...before we freeze.
    do you think can this part be purchased and overnighted online?

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    Wal Mart has some nice little space heaters for about 17 bucks apiece. I own FIVE of them, AND a kerosene heater. You never know when you might need them.

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    I think your service tech is jerking your chain.
    He should know what fan limit he can use on that Heil. You need a better tech.

    Sorry, site rules forbid us to tell you the one to use/get.
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