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    Hmm Flame rollout switch trips, every few weeks

    I have a Goodman gas pack outside that is 13 years old that has never had any problems. It has been tripping out the flame rollout switch about every few weeks. I have replaced the roll out switch and still have the problem. The unit (model: PG030075-1AB) has burners (3 parallel tubes with ribbon slots) and I have cleaned the tiny build up of rust on them and there are no cracks in the burners. I have watched the ignition, intermitant pilot comes on correctly and the unit fires up with a uniform blue flame on all 3 burners, I see a very, very short flame rollout that is instantly gone when the burners are uniformly lit. Does not appear to be the problem. After many times of observation I noticed that on a windy day, the flame on one burner was billowing below the ribbon slots, actually rolling around the burner tube and then the flame could rollout of the burner box. I tried to create this by blowing into the flue vent and sure enough, the flame on the 3rd burner would roll around the tube and be below the tube as well as above the tube and a flame rollout would occur. I could blow hard at this 3rd tube and get the flame to leap back to normal. I will call a furnace technician but would like to know what would cause this so the correct component is fixed. Any ideas?

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    that is a sign of not a good sign better get someone out there to take a look someone as in a hvac tech. Could be serious problem could be simple problem.

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    At the risk of killing yourself and/or possibly others you can bide your time. If that doesn't appeal to you, then get a technician out there NOW! Be prepared for bad news.

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    I sure hope you have a co alarm, I would call some out very fast to check the heat exchanger.

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    Not allowed to give DIY advise on the rules...I can tell you this.......if the limit is tripping and you have replaced it....then it wasn't the problem. You need a service technician to look at it and I would wait around to call them either. Limit switches are safety devises.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenvan View Post
    I tried to create this by blowing into the flue vent Any ideas?
    Call for service and be very careful blowing into flue vents (actually let a trained pro do this)

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