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    Quote Originally Posted by Dcislander View Post
    Thanks. I would probably keep it at 55 so the pipes in the house do not freeze and we can continue to use it over the winter.

    If we were not going to use the system for a month or longer, can a heat pump be shut off if I kill power to the house for a short winterization?

    Thanks for all of your help everyone.
    Sure as long as you leave power to the outdoor section and only shut down the indoor. Or jusy plainly leave the stat off..
    As long as you are not worried about pipes freezing.

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    I would get somebody out there to look at it. Tell them your plans and let them give you some options. All us armchair quarterbacks can give our .02. But it is best left to those who can take a peek at it. Get recommendations from them regarding HP vs. strip heat. Keep in mind that it will not only run when you are there, but it will also run to maintain whatever temp you set it at to keep pipes from freezing when you are not there. Depending on how cold it gets and your insulation, it might run more than you think.

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