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    Jace access through Comcast Modem

    A customer recently had a Comcast modem installed at one of our sites. I cannot seem to get the bugger to communicate with the Jace. Does anyone have a cheat sheet or can instruct me as to getting this thing to work. I've set up other modems without any issues.

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    Are you using a port forward? You'll need to make sure the modem is in bridge mode. You'll have to call comcast to put it into bridge mode if it isn't.

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    I usually google the modem's model number. More times than not I get a pretty good step by step from

    Chances are you have to set the jaces ip up statically in the modem then forward port requests to the static ip you give the jace. The modem's external address will more than likely be dynamic, meaning you will have to set up a dns service to report the current ip of the modem. I use , they give a couple free addys. You can usually name the site after the building. Your external addy will be the new site name followed by the port. ie mybuilding.dyndns,org:1911
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