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    Sorry, The money grubbing thing about the credit card was a shot at sarcasm. Fact is all businesses have costs they must cover and I blieve yes, NATE is non-profit also.

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    back to the real question. i have passed all of my NATE tests without spending extra time studying. these test, as NATE will tell you, are testing your knowledge through experience. they tell you not to take the test with less than 2yrs experience. so for that reson i did not study just to see if my experience in the feild is paying off, and i passed all the first time out. that is also why you cannot find a real NATE study book or guide anywhere. also if you are taking the heat pump test i strongly recommend that you take the air distribution test at the same time, because a large portion of the questions are very similar between these two tests. good luck, and don't get stressed out before or about the test!!!
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