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    Looking to get into hvac controls

    Hey everyone I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for hvac controls contractors that I could apply for in the south jersey/ pa area. I've already applied at johnson controls and Honeywell but are there any others that I should look into.

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    Automated Logic has a branch out there, and I'm sure Carrier is as well. Can't help much on local mechanical outfits, but look into them as well.

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    To keep it basic, there two Job types: 1) Controls Engineer-Technician or DDC Engineer/Programmer (college degree), 2) Controls Technician (HS degree). I've seen many solid DDC guys in position #1 w/o college degree. College degree helps if you want to get into management.

    Work Responsibilities: programming, graphics, installation, start-up commissioning, diagnosing, and repair of environmental-control systems, utilizing knowledge of electronics, direct digital control, airflow, hydronics, refrigeration theory, control and mechanical techniques.

    I'm seeing a new job requirement: "IT System Specialists". They want knowledge of the HVAC + Integration + the IT stuff: "Develop and maintain SQL server data base; Interface with customer IT departments for data base connectivity; install and set-up switches, routers, computers; write new or update existing code for SQL database, XML, Java, VBA, and .NET applications; webpage Development" If you like and can do that - the future is yours.

    Here's a "Who Who in the Zoo"
    Open System Integrator
    Building Automation, IT Integration, Enterprise System and Management (ESM), Utility Metering and Reporting,
    Graphical User Interfaces, Retrofit Control Installation.
    Note: Tridium makes it 'OPEN'

    Bldg. Automation Manufactures
    Honeywell, Siemens, Distech Controls, Reliable Controls, Alteron (part of Honeywell), Schnieder Electric

    MEP Companies (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)

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