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    quick question about blower

    I had a tech at my house recently and he adjusted the blower speed on my unit due to low "delta T" .

    I now notice that the furnace kicks on and runs no problems. Then the thermostat reaches the set point and clicks to turn the furnace off and the blower cycles up to a higher speed for about 90 seconds.

    I didn't notice it before the blower speed was adjusted.
    Is this normal? (goodman 93% eff furance downflow)

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    call them back, they wired it wrong
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    Its probably a variable speed motor and the tech set the dip switces for a 90 sec blower off delay if goodman offers this. If its a gas furn its probably 120volts, and if the heat woks I doubt its wired wrong.

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    Model # ?
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    model is gch90703bx

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    from what i have noticed on goodman systems this is normal. the speed for the blower off delay as well as the "fan on" are the same. the system uses the cooling fan speed for these 2 functions. However, i have a question. are all of your supply and returns open all the way including the dampers? I would ask your service company. was this a new install? How did they size the system? do they know the ductwork has enough air flow for the amount of cfm?

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    all supplies and returns are open all the way. not a new install they just came out to install a condensate pump and configure the blower speed.

    the rest I don't know as it wasn't a new install.

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    any thoughts? it just seems strange to me but maybe its just strange because its different now

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