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    dx-9100 sequencer module setup.

    New to Johnson controls, trying to setup a sequencer module in DX-9100. Have 3 stages of cooling that are going to cycle
    off of return air temp / return air setpoint. Need to know values for Stg #2 first of ? and Stg #3 first of ?. Also in Data-2
    window LD Fctr Stg #1 %, Stg #2 %, Stg #3 %. Have all other programming figured out. Anyone have idea's.

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    Really depends on what kind of staging. For example do you have 1 compressor with 2 unloaders, 2 compressors with 1 compressor with an unloader and 1 with out or 3 compressors, single circuit or multi circuit, hot gas bypass on any of the circuits that have solenoids? As an example basic 3 compressors with 3 circuits it would have first of 1 in each of three stages and load factor would be 33%, 66% and 100% with a load differential of 30%. There is a help section in the DX9100 tool explaining this better.

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    Thank you for the reply. I have 3 compressors with no unloaders each individual from each other. Will give these settings a try. I was thinking with 3 stages it would have been Stg #1 first of 3. Thanks again.

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    If i'm not mistaken, the load factors are accumulative. So it would be 33.3%, 33.3%, 33.3%.
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