Often you don't get a call back,becaus it's placed in the hands of a salesman.No offense to the superior salesmem on this site,but it happens.

Years ago I added a pool and veranda,got down to the wire for an event and needed soffit ,facia,and gutters,very small area/job.I called several aluminum contractors ,all said the salesman would call back and make an appointment.

One called back the same day,want to come out 3 days later,I explained our situation,and he came out after 5PM,that day.

All the others called back after the install was completed,on after two weeks.

We changed the way we handle requests for replacement,etc.,the next week.I realized that if a consumer called for a $89 check-up,we woyld schedule right then,offering AM,PM or even first call,to suit their needs.

However consumers calling for a replacement price,thousands of dollars,were told we would have the salesman call back,if he wasn't in the office at that time.Can't believe we ever did it that way,guess we just copied what others ahve always done.

We now make every attempt to book the appointment on the first call,even if they say they want to talk to the salesman before they set an appointment.Works a lot better for all involved.