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    Confused Intermittent burner ignition

    I have an intermittent ignition problem with my Moncrief furnace.The thermostat will call for air and the blower comes on. The ignitor will glow and the gas lights the burners, which will burn for aproximatly5 seconds and then gos out.The blower continues to run for another 90 seconds.The ignitor begins to glow and the burners come on and stay, thus running through the complete cycle.Other times it works properly the first time. then other times it will try three times to start and goes into lock out mode.I just replaced the flame sensor rod ,so I guess I can eliminate one of the suspects Can someone tell me which of the remainding parts are acting up?any info that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Call a service technician.

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    Please read site rules.

    We're not allowed to give DIY instructions.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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