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    Pellet stove smokey

    I have a Quadrafire 1200 pellet stove. When started and running, the room smells very smoky even though there is no visible smoke. The flue was professionally cleaned recently, but it still smells smokey.



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    Check the venting joints. Did he scrape away the old red RTV silicone and re-goop them? Check the gasket on the door. Are there pellets in the hopper. Is the vent takeoff secured? Did he sweep the vent as well as the stove? If he did one without the other, that's probably your problem. When cleaning the stove, you must remove the baffles and swab it out from entry to the exhaust. How is the exhaust blower? Moving air?

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    Talking smokey

    Most pellet stoves run on a vacuum. If you have a leak check the venting and the combustion blower.

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    We had the same problem with our Quadrafire 1200.

    It was a weak combustion fan which was not sucking the out all the smoke. The fan was running and not making any noises but the installer knew about this problem. Quadrafire upgraded the fan sometime during the production run. It was a complete upgrade kit and not just the fan motor.

    It was replaced under warranty and all is fine now. We do still get a tiny bit of smoke smell (no visible smoke) in the house when we are having very high winds, over 50 MPH. But it is very minor and only during high winds.

    Additionally when our stove was installed, the installer missed one tiny spot on the exhaust pipe and I had to add a little more RTV high temp sealant. This leak was easy to find during startup, when there is a lot of smoke in the firebox, as we could see a tiny plume of smoke coming from one of the unions in the pipe.

    We have 2 CO alarms within 15 feet of the stove and these smoke leaks while noticable to us were undetected by the alarms.

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    How old is your stove.
    Have you had it cleaned.
    Do you turn it up to high once a week to burn(clean) it out. The passage ways can become restricted.
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    Smoke problem repair answers

    Our stove is on it's 3rd winter so it is about 2 1/4 years old. The failure occured within the first few weeks. We think it had been in a warehouse for 1-2 years before we bought it. However we were told that the fan problem was common, hence the upgrade kit which was developed by QuadraFire.

    It was almost new when the fan started going bad but since then we've had it cleaned annually. We also clean it every few weeks ourselves.

    We run on high all the time, any setting less than maximum doesn't produce enough heat for the stove to be useful. On the cold days, it runs on high for days at a time other than that we turn it off every day for a light cleaning and every 1-2 weeks for a heavy cleaning.

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