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    Talking Hello everybody new to the community

    Hi my name is Cesar im just barley getting in school and trying to get my feet wet out in field working with my dad's company, anybody have any advice or info that may be in good intrest. Thanks!!! (FourEm Refrigeration and A/C)

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    welcome to the community! please keep in mind:

    1. this is a very technically oriented site. if you do not provide enough info, you will not get a lot of help...more is better. general posts get general answers. detailed posts get solutions.
    2. there are a few jokesters and a-holes here. ignore their posts. most are here to help and learn. they do not know you and you do not know them (yet!). but keep in mind, some of them, while a real pain in the ass, really do know their stuff.
    3. if you learn something, be thankful in your replies.
    4. everybody's got their favorite brand of tool, equipment, sports team, etc. that does not mean that yours is crap (but it might be).
    5. share your may be the first to ever find a particular problem or technique.

    good luck.
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    Welcome, looking forward to some interesting posts .
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