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    Heat Pump question Weatherking

    I have a 3 ton 14-SEER Weatherking Heat Pump that went through a heating and a cooling season with no problems. This winter it only puts out cool heat. The Freon been checked and its OK. When it is switch in cooling mode it cools fine. When it is on heating mode and it is putting out cool heat (80 degree air) the heat pump runs normal for 10 seconds then it makes a SHOOW noise (like air coming out of a tire) normal for 10 second then SHOOW and it keeps doing this as long as it is in heating mode, in cooling it dont make the SHOOW noise. I was told by a Tech to change the T-stat and tighten the wiring. That didnt help. To me it sounds like it as something to do with the reversing valve, but I dont know what to do next. I just started messing with heat pumps a year ago. Out of 10 heat pumps that I have installed this is my first problem.

    needs help in Ohio

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    can't really help you there due to site regs. Get your postings up and get a pro membership. Then post there, then maybe we can help.

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    Not trying to be a smart azz here but if you have been installing them, don't you think you ought to be able to service them as well???
    I need a new signature.....

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    Sounds like its constantly going in and out of the defrost cycle.

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    Defrost Board

    Sounds like you need to change out the defrost board


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    If you bypass the defrost board and it runs right then this would indicate the defrost board could be bad. I have done this before during summer weather to get them up and running and give me time to get a new defrost board but in winter the outside will freeze up.

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