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    Quote Originally Posted by dash View Post
    Thanks for updating.

    I can't get to the pics,but that may be on this end.

    During the controller's developement,I sat in on one metting,where the had us program it ,with no instructions,so yes it's user friendly!
    I see no pics either. Not just you
    I will believe that the government is broke when the welfare checks start bouncing!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanW13 View Post
    Well as I promised I would report back after having the new furnace installed after a couple of weeks. And I have to say this furnace Infinity MVC is the Cat's meow !!! Not only is it half the size of my old furnace, but it is soo quiet I had to give this furnace a hug just to hear it running, and during the first week I went to the basement several times a day just to check and make sure it was running and all was well with the furnace. The ease of operation with the Infinity controller is very simple and controls every aspect of this furnace,from the humidifier, to the eac, to humidity levels, the set back operation is very nice with this controller since other set back type stats I had in the past were very hard to program, and I have to say the Infinity control looked Intimidating but was rather simple to use. The contractor that installed my furnace was very good as well, they were prompt and through and didn't make too much of a mess during the install. I also have to mention that after they went to turn the power on my eac unit wasn't working properly due to the eac having sometype of sailswitch in the unit which whenthe furnace was running on low speed there was not enough airflow for the eac to work, but the installers did not leave until the eac was in working order which was about 2hrs after the install was complete, even though they stayed and made sure it was running wasn't like I was going to let them leave without having it running, LOL !!! so I thought I would post a few pic's of the install after everything was up and running.
    Upload your pics to a hosting service such as Photobucket or Image Shack. Then, link them using the button.

    The picture attachment feature has issues.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    Pictures of new Infinity install

    Sorry, didn't know there were problems with attaching photo's on the forum, here's the link with pic's of new furnace.....

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