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    Quote Originally Posted by dougfamous View Post
    Your equipment doesn't match. You have the wrong thermostat. You claim you got this through a contractor, but really you bought it online and are trying to install it yourself. We cannot help you, please contact a licensed Trane dealer to have this set up for you.
    Seriously, I would LOVE for you to show me where you can purchase an XC80 online because i have never found one. Trane is probably one of the best at ensuring their equipment does not make it online. Also how does that equipment not match?
    The Homeowner provided an AHRI number(which i do not think is correct as that number uses a different coil then listed)
    But I did find the appropriate number as AHRI # 5943065
    I understand not giving out DIY advice to a homeower but to give them wrong information when YOU are wrong gives this site a bad name
    As a large Trane dealer I can assure you that is a proper system with a proper thermostat. I do not understand why an 060 coil was used when an 049 coil gets better EER numbers for the 060 coil does get more BTU's out of the AC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by autiger2 View Post
    AHRI is 5943030. Match was made by trane not the contractor as I was the one dealing with them. Looking at the XL18i literature, there is a diagram showing connection to a "communicating" indoor unit so I believe it is. In addition, it shows connection of the yellow/red to Y2 rather than yellow/red to bk for non-communicating variable sipped furnace.

    As others suggest I plan on resolving directly with the contractor.
    I don't understand why you are making wiring connections if your contractor is the one making the connections.

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    what was the reason for upsizing the equipment? we don't see it too often anymore. if we do it's either someone guessing or a good contractor with a good reason. is the ductwork capable of handling 4 tons? as was already mentioned, you have good equipment but needs to be set up right.

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