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    Just got off the phone with Buderus tech support.We discussed removing baffles.My manual did not have that info about removing the baffles with the Riello,but their website did.He also suggested replacing the 1.50 80W with a 60 or 70 B.He said with the 80,the retention head will get coked up.That was the problem I have been having all along.Hopefully that will help.I will keep you posted on the outcome.Thanks for everyones help.

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    You can also measure the size of the chamber to see if you're over fired. Even if there isn't technically a "chamber", it's the area the nozzle fires into. The chart I've used for 30 years says a 120 square inch chamber should have a maximum firing rate of 1.50gph, and a normal firing rate of 1.35gph. If your fuel pump pressure is set at 140 psi, then you need to multiply that by 1.18, which would mean you're firing at 1.77gph.

    I've also found that in almost ever case, a solid nozzle will give a cleaner fire, and the heater won't be as dirty the following year. A "W" is a semi-solid (aka all-purpose) nozzle.

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