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    proper venting of kitchen

    Guys dont know that much about kitchen and grill venting so bare with me please.
    There is three 10x12 rooms all connected and all open on the end, if you know what I mean. First room is grill area, second is pizza ovens, third is prep area. All have these old belt driven, heavy caged, 1 horse motors that are so worn out they eat belts and go threw bearings ever four months. Any idea on how you guys would vent this mess and what diff types of vents would you use for each room? Maybe I could cut something in on the roof. Problem also is if one vent goes out in summer the place heats up in the kitchen to 110* like right now. The resturant part also heats up fast if just one goes out and screws up the a/c.Owner isnt to tight with the money as long as its a good idea and can save him money on repairs, thanks again guys.

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    Sounds like you are dealing with antiquated equipment, the best way to fix this and have the owner get several quotes for the exhaust fan replacement on all of your hoods, it may seem to be exspensive at first but once you caculate all of your down time and lost business from being to hot this would be the most economical suggestion.
    Good luck in your quest

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    not sure about the CODES in your area -but i agree with kelly, hes gonna need some new equiptment. looks like your gonna have to have hoods over the grill and your pizza ovens, possibly welded exhuast ductwork, exhaust fans- possible make-up fans depending on size of the hoods but deff. fresh air to hoods. exhuast and fresh air have to be so far apart on the roof by code. heat/cool those rooms with the existing heating/cooling if possible, no returns in the kitchen!
    your prep room can have supply ductwork, not sure about returns... might not be a bad idea to set a new unit for those 3 rooms and see about putting the return in the prep area if code allows.....

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    So how did this turn out? What did you decide and what was the customers options?

    Was there conditioned air in the kitchen area and was it sufficient for the heat loads?

    Was/is there makeup air in the kitchen and if so is it sufficient for the project?

    Are there hoods for each equipment in question and if so is it sufficient for the loads generated now by the equipment? (Equipment could have been changed since hood installation)

    Captive air is a good company to look at for this and they will help you to make the right decisions, there are other companies out there but I have worked on their stuff and they have pretty good support.

    "I don't care what you could get it off the net for, they wont warranty it and neither will I"!

    And if you don't like my "flat rate up front pricing" try and negotiate the price on that big mac you just bought pricing is exactly the same method!

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    Mushroom fans work just fine.

    Belt drive fans work better as the motor is removed from the exhaust air stream.

    Grease accumulation needs to be considered in whatever design is chosen.

    Learn to properly maintenance the bearings, belts, and pulleys or it won't matter what you replace it with.

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