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    Well I have no experience with Tridium but I believe you can us e it to program pretty much any controls with the right drivers. Am I correct?

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    Delta Controls Service

    1. If the installing contractor (Did it right) Orcaview should be on an operator workstation on the jobsite. If not. $$$$$$$$$$

    2. If you have experience with JCI and JCBasic, then it won't take you very long to learn how to write programs in Orcaview.

    3. The help function in Orcaview is very well done and you can wade through just about anything by placing the mouse cursor in a text box or field and pressing the F1 key.

    4. Most of the problems I've seen with the Delta Controls product are related to a serious memory issue that the company was dealing with for a couple of years, crummy programming and poor network planning. There are a bunch of "partners" running around installing the product that have limited or no networking skills and really should "keep it simple". Because the "partners" are all independents, very little technical info is shared between them and access to the factory support staff is slow. Good, but slow. They will not talk to you however, if you're not a partner. They won't even talk to the partners unless they've had "level 2" training.

    5. The proprietary nature of the product is always going to be a subject of contention but, it isn't an open system if you have to spend dollars on software. There is no way you can service a Delta controls system without Orcaview. In addition to that, there is a compatability issue between versions. Ie, if you have controllers in the field that some rocket scientist programmed with 3.33 and the workstation has 3.22 on it, you have a mess. You won't find out until you try to make changes to the GCL or do a save.

    What the "partners" won't share with most is that the upgrades are free.

    6. Delta is an exceptionally good quality Bacnet product (except for the cheesy plastic enclosures). If you are working on a long term relationship with the customer, I'd sell them on the concept of Niagara and migrate the system to a Jace. It works well, I've lost several bid projects to competitors selling Tridium. Save the Orcaview (if it exists) for a service tool. The Orcaview software is not really an enterprise product and is fairly limited in regards to integration.


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