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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltaT View Post
    How come I can't get pictures to load under the attachment thing anymore? The size of the above picture is JPEG is 56 KB with 640X480.

    The attachment method is a PITA IMO anyway. It's a lot nicer to upload the pictures and then link the IMG tags here.

    And sometimes some of the sites like image shack seem to be causing pop ups when linked away to them, YUKK!!

    Photobucket.com seems to be the best still.
    You can upload ANY size picture you want. just set your preferences on photobucket to (forum) 640 x 480 and it will resize them on the fly as they upload! That's right. You NEVER need to resize them first before uploading.
    Then one click under each picture you uploaded will copy the [ img ] tags to your clip board and then you can paste them directly in here.

    Then when we view your post the pictures display like this...

    Nice and neet. And the viewers don't have to click on attachments or be redirected to another site with pop ups.
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    I agree with Payson, its a pain having to click on attachments to view pictures, the attachment feature was never meant to be a way to add pictures to your post anyhow, use the img tags

    about the issue here though, it looks like they have the folder permissions set wrong, so the server doesnt allow the attachment to upload, they need to chmod them 777

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    Thanks Payson
    I have a ton of pictures that I think you guys would really enjoy of equipment I work on. If you think the RBC is bad you should see some of the equipment I get called in on.

    I'll try that site you recommend when I get a chance. But it seems that I spend way too much of my time trying to get this computer stuff to work in place of using my computer as a tool.

    I'm glad Bill Gates doesn't make refrigeration gauges! We'd never get any work done!

    Listening to a NPR program the other day about a reseach person who sat down with Bill Gates and showed him that pretty much MS Word in one of the very early versions was all that 99% of use ever needed. But MS continued to change, modify and add to each new version of MS Word thereby complicating a very basic product beyond the simple use of the average user.

    So Bill tells him he can sit up a meeting with all his programmers to show them this situation. The interviewed did. The programmer understood but the programmers continued to modify, change, add to and reinvent MS Word over and over.

    Why? Cause it's what they get paided to do, simply put. If they didn't continue to change things they would be out of a job.

    Same here. Site computer guys...use to be easy to insert, attach, shove photos on this site for all to enjoy. So get you #%^&$*()+@! hands off the software, make it simple and return the photo insertion thing back to a simple, common sense process.

    What's the chance of that happening!
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    Its as simple as it can get

    click this icon and enter the web address of the picture you want to post

    or use the code photobucket gives you

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    For deltaT Just edit your first post. I'll delete this one.
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